Our membership is open to English-speaking women of all nationalities. Currently, our Club is made up of approximately 200 women from over 25 different nationalities. If you are interested in joining us, contact our Clubhouse Manager at 91 457 1108 or


  • Exclusive access to our private clubhouse
  • Discounted or free entry to all of American Women’s Club of Madrid activities
  • Our monthly bulletin
  • Full access to our private library of English books and DVD’s
  • Member discounts to some local businesses
  • Weekly emails of upcoming events and special member information from our Clubhouse Manager


Membership dues are non-refundable and are collected annually during the month of September.

  • Regular (US Citizens):     100 EUR
  • Associate (non-US Citizens):     100 EUR
  • Senior Citizens:     70 EUR    (available for women over 65 who have been a member for the previous five consecutive years)